And They Both Rediscovered Themselves….

It was raining heavily ,again .Richa was loosing her patience .

“Not again ! why everyday ? she murmured, as if ,she was speaking to God.

She tried to cover  semi wet clothes and brought them to the room.

“Ah! room will carry humid smell forever ” talking to herself,  she spreads the clothes.

She had the smallest room in the house.Her in laws enjoyed the master bedroom with big balcony ,but ,she loved her room, as ,it had pleasant view through window.The locality was still developing ,so, she could see pleasant view of lush green trees from window.

She was having difficulty in conceiving and was under medication.Her treatment coupled with comments from mother in law made her sick and tired.Yet, she knew, it was not her mother in law’s fault.Age related problems were taking toll on her. Her husband Ritesh ,was caring and sensitive. He never uttered anything regarding her treatment ,but , job in sales line did not give him ,opportunity  to spend adequate time, with her.

“Nothing wrong with you dear ! ……It is just the stress which is obstructing your pregnancy .Just try and relax mentally and physically ” Doctor Asha, chided her during last visit.

“Only person who is going through my phase will understand my mental state ” she was talking to herself ,again. As if, sitting before doctor and giving excuse for being tense.

“Ah! no one can understand except me ” talking to herself ,she stood near window and unknowingly opened it.Splash of water touched her face.The cool water was refreshing and soothing.

She realised, ……..she enjoyed it. All her pain, her anguish, was melting down with rain.It was magical!

The little girl , inside her, came out.

She never went with umbrella to college ,even on those days ,when rain was imminent.She always loved rain and getting wet was her second nature.Rain ,along with hot corn, sprinkled with salt ,pepper and lemon ,always made her day.

And ,standing by the window she started thinking “What has happened to me ? Where have I lost myself ? what if ,I do not conceive? I can adopt a child and restart life.It can not stop me from leading happy and content life. Ritesh said many times to consider adoption and convincing his mother will be his lookout. Sasu maa , can’t take call on my life. I need not be so lifeless”. Thus ,brooding, she questioned herself.

With gush of wind ,rain splashed her face again.She smiled.Suddenly, she remembered her harmonium.

Oh! where did I keep it? she tried to recollect. After some efforts ,it was found in old trunk.Till couple of years ago, harmonium was her best friend.

She touched the keys softly, wiped it with her dupatta and her fingers started flowing “SA..RE..GA…….”

“Your “RE ” is not sounding ok with keynote ,some error, somewhere” She turned her face towards the voice. It was her mother in law.

Smiling at each other, it looked ,as if ,they both rediscovered themselves on that day.

black and white clear cool dew
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