Know Your Writer

About the Writer :”Blogs of Amrita Shri ” is work of her creativity. Each of these articles mirrors everyday life.,with unforgettable characters and unforeseen twists, these blogs are sure to enthral you, making you smile and sometimes, teary eyed. These little tales are sure to take your breath away.  Amrita Shri has masterfully crafted them, mirror everyday circumstances, and catch your fancy. Each story puts forth a different message to the reader and speaks to his/her  higher mind. With a dash of humour and a touch of grief, this site is sure to leave you wanting more .

Writer :Amrita Shri  hails from Bangalore, India. She lives with her daughter and husband, and is a working professional. She holds a degree in Law, but found her true calling when she picked up a pen and paper. She started blogging on Momspresso a little over a year ago and has already authored 200 short stories,3600 followers with a viewership of 66.7 million  . Her stories talk of day to day things in a different light.You can also find her books at amazon.